Musica, cançons i altres obsessions.

Concert 1


Is the name that we created to describe all musical activities are carried out within the framework of Òdena INTERNATIONAL COURSE OF GUITAR ORCHESTRA AND OTHER INSTRUMENTS and the INTERNATIONAL MUSIC COMPETITION FOR A YOUNG STUDENTS that is aimed at students from 9-year-old School of Music and Conservatory Professional Higher everywhere. The work done is the work of orchestral repertoire suitable to students participating and technical direction with Master David Murgadas. There is no age limit.

This year, making our fifth anniversary, we extend participation, not only guitarists but also students of other instruments with the idea of working and expand the range of sounds being instrumentalists and conductors.


Last year and encourage the work of young guitarists we created the 1st International Guitar Competition for young people.

This year to mark the fifth anniversary and we repeat the 2nd INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION FOR YOUNG musical performance incorporating the International Chamber Music Competition.


We are pleased this year to re-invite the Mexican guitarist (of Russian origin) Nadia Borislova accompany us throughout the year and along with the winner of the last edition guitar Adam Ruedas, conducted the inaugural concert. Nadia will be said Borislova juror’s SONA GUITAR, Oden 2013.

We also invite the Catalan guitarist Fernando Rodriguez, a professor at the Luthier School of Barcelona Conservatory Vilaseca together with Nadia and David Borislova Murgadas work conducted master classes where the specific technique works, the musicality, the phrasing and communication

We opened the course on June 26 at 20 pm with a panel discussion where artists invited talk and discuss the role of the guitar in schools and conservatories and its involvement in chamber ensembles and orchestra all personal experiences interacting with the audience.

Obviously recommend you do not miss the concerts organized within the framework of the SONA GUITAR, Oden 2013. High quality theatrical and musical.

Our thanks to all the businesses and individuals who have supported the project over the last five years.

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