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MARIZAPALOS. Santiago de Murzia. DAVID MURGADAS. Guitarra barroca

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(English) The works recorded on this disc have been chosen by
David Murgadas from the Saldívar Codex to give an
overview of how the simpler music of the period was
played, incorporating the dance rhythms that were in
fashion at the time. The fandango, romanesca, folias,
jácaras, tarantelas and other forms constitute a rich
and varied sound world. The fact that the music has a
strong popular character does not necessarily imply that
the pieces are easy to perform. Some of the works on this
disc demand considerable technical skill from the musician.
We have used the sound of popular instruments such as
the hurdy-gurdy, castanets and the skirl of the bagpipe
to give extra colour to the music. These instruments and,
others considered more élitist such as the violin, add a
sense of improvisation and a degree of timbral variety.
We have thus tried to obtain a different result from the
usual, more academic versions of this repertoire – a new,
fresher approach, probably less “courtly”, but much more
natural for a musical genre which has been little explored
even today.
Daniel Vilarrubias
(Art historian and violinist, specialising in music of
the 17th and 18th centuries)

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